Interview Checklist

Before the Interview

Preparation, anticipation, and confidence are the key skills to a successful interview. It’s a known fact that an interviewer will have decided whether they are going to give you the job within a few minutes. Remember: Prepare-Practice-Perform. So be prepared!



  • Get as much information as possible on the company – read all the latest news about the company, check out the web site and try to speak with someone who has worked there.
  • Prepare answers to a range of job and skill-based questions that you can use.
  • Put yourself in the interviewer’s seat! Try to think of questions that you might pose relating to your job.
  • Arm yourself with a few questions for the interviewer showing that you have done your homework about the organisation and its business.
  • Check the format of the interview – it could throw you off if you’re presented with a test of some sort that you were not expecting.  Dress-wise – Keep it simple and respectable. Dress for success!



  • Leave yourself short for time – always expect the unexpected.


At the Interview


  • Be punctual, there’s nothing worse than arriving late and in a fluster.
  • A good firm handshake and good eye contact are very important.
  • Let the interviewer lead the interview – Listen for the concerns behind the interviewer’s questions.
  • Be positive – Try not to sound like you’re bragging but describe your skills in a factual way.
  • Look as though you are interested in what the interviewer is saying to you, answer questions as fully as you can.
  • If there is a situation where a panel are interviewing you, direct your answers to all members. It is important not to ignore anyone.
  • Your attitude strongly contributes to the interviewer’s opinion of you, so have the right one!!
  • Know what your interviewer is looking for.
  • Be flexible – consider reasonable offers and give it your best shot.
  • Don’t give up, the search may not be a short one but don’t give up.



  • Criticise yourself or past employers.
  • Interrupt the interviewer.
  • Answer a question with another question.
  • Appear giddy or nervous by fidgeting.
  • Ask lots of questions about salary and benefits.
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